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The smileys

Smileys are also a symbol of the zeitgeist of today, and a communicative form that has gained widespread use over the last 20 years, particularly through the Internet and social media channels.

They also reference the energetic paintings of Keith Haring, and have already earned themselves a firm place in the history of modern illustration.

Une nature rythmée par le cycle des saisons

L’oeuvre dans son ensemble reflète le cycle des saisons, qui rythme la nature et la culture de la vigne. D’un côté de l’avion, les couleurs employées sont des couleurs chaudes représentant le printemps et l’été.

L’autre côté évoque quant à lui l’automne et l’hiver, avec un mélange de couleurs plus froides. Les deux côtés se rejoignent par le haut, symbolisant la continuité et l’aspect cyclique des saisons.

The region

Numerous elements in the design represent the region where the Fête is held and its magnificent landscapes: the view of the Lavaux, the vineyards, a splendid autumn sunset over Lake Geneva and a view of the mountains opposite Vevey, the Fête’s traditional home.

A tradition that unites generations

The once-in-a-generation Fête des Vignerons draws hundreds of thousands of visitors to the town of Vevey.

It’s a tradition that brings generations together, too, uniting them around this globally unique event.

The starlings

The starling is one of the Fête’s prime visual elements. The flocks (or “murmurations”) which swarm above the vines in autumn are a fascinating sight that is an integral part of the local landscape and that heralds the arrival of the grape harvesting season.

The starling is also a gregarious bird, and as such a harbinger of the coming Fête. In Fichtre’s work, the starling also represents freedom, movement, space and nature.

The music notes and the cotillions

These livery elements capture and convey the festive nature of the event. Music is everywhere during the Fête, and the cotillions are a visual synonym for joy, euphoria and celebration.

The characters

The Fête des Vignerons is an occasion for everyone: it brings generations together, connecting people from the villages, the countryside, locals and foreigners. The hats depicted in Fichtre’s creation are typical of the Swiss winemaking tradition. The Fête des Vignerons is an event that provides a lively stage for more than 5,000 participants who dress up in traditional costume.

Inspired by emotion

Throughout his visual encapsulation of the Fête des Vignerons event, Fichtre was guided by a desire to reawaken the memories of the older generation while simultaneously arousing the interest of younger people today by offering a modern design. His work was also inspired by the exceptional nature and the magic of the event, which he has captured and conveyed by adopting a style that is spontaneous, festive and colourful, with illustrations that blend concrete elements with freer and more dynamic forms.

The flora

L’étourneau est un des éléments phares de la Fête des Vignerons. Ces oiseaux qui volent en nuées au-dessus des vignobles en automne constituent un spectacle fascinant et annoncent le début des vendanges.

C’est aussi un oiseau de nature collective, à l’image de ce qu’est la Fête. Dans l’esemble de l’oeuvre, il symbolise également la liberté, le mouvement, l’espace et la nature.

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